Sunday, July 20, 2008

abbys memories


i have no clue what to write! But i wanted to say thank you to na and papa for taking me. It was a lot of funn. And i still don't know what to write. i would write bout the trip but Anna and Dj already did.

Ok i will write bout my fave. parts... when me and Anna tryed mac n cheese at like every restaurant. we thought the the grocery store was the best.. i think we tryed like 6.

the next thing i thought was funn was when we went to the ocean. me and Anna got hit by this wave and we full over, the i got hit by the next one. then before we left Anna got hit by this wave the brought out by it. then she when with the next one coming it.(if that made any since).i guess you had to be there.

then the day before we got home we went to this hotel and Lilly was running out this one door and it was class and clear and she ran right into it. it was so funny.she dint get hurt.
also when lilly put na's glasses(picture above)

if i think of any more i will write again. for now bye


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DJ tells of his travels

we had a lot of fun. We started in Illinois and drove all the way to washington DC. We went to the white house, the monument, the lincoln memorial, saw albert einstien statue, the capital buliding, and we got to see Papas friends name on the veterans memorial wall. That was really neat. We swam in the ocean and lake michigan. Lake michigan was cold. My favorite part was the ocean. that was the coolest. I karate chopped the waves. We spent alot of time in the car. I do not like to be in the car for a loing time but it had a dvd player in it so I could watch movies. I like movies. We went on a ferry to get home and it had a bunch of rooms. I had a lot of fun and am happy that Na and Papa took me with. Thank you Na and Papa! I love you.

Love, DJ

Wisconsin to Washington DC

what up! I'm anna b. i just got back from washington . it was so FUN!!!!! i cant wait to go on another trip with NA and PAPA!!!!!! We did so many things that there is no way i could put it all in here! My favorite part was the giant ferry that we took across Lake Michigan to get home. It wa called the SS Badger. I also liked seeing the ocean. There was this giant wave that pushed me into the water and i got a mouth full of salt water. They suck you in and are really giant. On friday we walked into Washington DC for the longest walk. It was really hot an there was a ton of people and there was a lot of people taking pictures of us even with their cell phones. Papa qiuzed us on the trip and if we got the answers we got money. I got 5 dollars. I spent it already. I learned alot. Thank you Na and Papa for a great trip! I love you!!!!!!!

love, Anna bb

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Girl!

Arianna turned 10 while we were in Illinois.

Blowing out her candles on her beautiful b-day cake.

Here is the whole gang (besides me, I am taking the pic) out in front of Aunt Marie and Uncle Bobs.

All six kids.

Great Grandma Carm with all of her Great Grandkids (well, not all but some)

This is a farewell shot of the DC crew. I just spoke to them and all is well. They swam in the ocean today!!!

This is just a few of the many photos I have of the Illinois trip. We had such a great time! Thanks Aunt marie, Uncle Bob and grandma Carm!

Here we are at the entrance to the Brookfield Zoo. It was a beautiful sunny day and all 12 of us were ready for a great summer day at the Zoo!Papa and Lilly see something....What is it that makes them smile so big????????

It was the elephant! Papa had promised Lilly he would take her to see a real live elephant and Papa always keeps his promises!

Missing my babies

4 of the 6 kids is off on an adventure with Na and Papa. They have gone to Washington DC. We spent a few days in Chicago area visiting with Aunt Marie and Uncle Bob and Great Grandma Carm and from there John and I, Gracie and Alicia came north and the rest of them headed east. I will post more on the Chicago trip later when I can get pics up too. I am at my Mother in Laws now and do not have the camera with me. I must mention that I am at my mother in laws because we had to come into the city to pick up a Keurig coffee maker that my husband found on Craigs List....Aunt Marie should get a kick out of that!!!!

For now I just wanted to say that I am missing my babies alot. I know they are seeing amazing things and making great memories, but I cannot wait for this week to go by so they are home with me.

I will post more on their adventure later as well. Maybe I will just wait for them to come home and write it themselves.

Peace and love and all that good stuff

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The oldest is Alicia. She is almost 16 and has begun the driving thing already. She is excited, we are not. I must say tho that she is doing well and we are not as concerned as we thought we would be when she got behind the wheel. I guess it is safe now as she still has to ride with an adult. It will be a whole new thing when she is driving off without us!! It doesn't help that she is tall, thin and gorgeous! Pictured with her is her boyfriend Wes.

Abagail is 13. She will be 14 in October. She is the goofball of the bunch. Always good for a laught tho she can be quite obnoxious at all the wrong times also!! We love her anyway! She is totally into hockey these days! It is all about the Minnesota Wild and James Shepard!! Abby is a very pretty girl and I have a feeling that we will be chasing the boys away soon!

Arianna is 10 going on 16! She has all the attitude and sarcasm of a teenager in a tiny package. She is beautiful and smart and can be a ton of fun to hang around with if she is not in a foul mood!!!

Derek joe...the dude of the bunch. Poor Dman is the only boy constantly surrounded by the girls. He has a great imagination and like Abby, he can make you laugh quite easily. Star Wars and Indiana Jones are his latest passions. Handsome oy D is taller than his big sis Anna!!

Lilly Janine. I have to put the "Janine" in there so if Jan reads this she can see we are indeed using her middle name. I don't even know what to say about her. She is an incredibaly sprited little girl. I think she is going to take on the world someday. She could talk you out of your own shirt if she needed one!

Gracie Jayne is the baby of the bunch, the youngest Bonin of them all. She is a silly baby and climbs everything like a monkey. She is a whole lotta trouble but one smile with those dimples and a glance from her expressive eyes, she is instantly forgiven for any of it!!

We also have Onawa Marie, a husky, gsd, wolf mix and Yuma-Man, a gsd puppy to keep us busy and guard our "flock".

Meet the Bonins

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa. My husband John and I are the proud owners of 5 girls (the Bonin Babes) and one boy (the dude). There are also some furry family members that will most likely make it into the blog as well. We thought it might be fun to have a blog to let our family and friends keep up with all of us. There is a lot of things going on when one has so many kids!!!! So, her we go....we are new at all this blog stuff so keep that in mind when you read our posts! Thanks for stopping !

Peace and howls!