Sunday, April 5, 2009

Na and Papa are closer!!!

Na and Papa moved closer and the kids could not be more excited! They have found a great house in River Falls,WI with an awesome yard and plenty of space for my many children to hang out. This means more yummy family meals, more overnights and day trips for the kids and more nights off for me! Thanks M and D! xoxo

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Abby had a basketball tournement last weekend and her team took FIRST place! We are so proud of her! I will have pics up soon . they are being developed right now. DJ had a program at schoolin which he had a speaking part. Can you believe it?? One of my kids with a speaking part! He was a cat. He did a great job! Arianna has begun spring training for softball. She is getting excited for the season to start. We are excitred too because it is a lot of fun to watch her play. Lilly is busy messing up her room and playing with the dogs. Gracie is going to begin learning to use the big potty!!! Alicia has had a job for a while and seems to be enjoying the benifits of a paycheck! We are proud of all of them!
We are up to 7 dogs here as well. We have harnesses and have begun training. by next winter we should be able to hook em up and go! I am sure I missed a ton of stuff!!!

It has been a while. We have been very busy! I just wanted to put up some photos to kind of document what we have been up to! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Arianna and Mauer

Arianna got a puppy for christmas! She named him Mauer

she has been working with him and has got him to sit and come. Now they are working on shake! Mauer will grow up to be a great sled dog!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick update

Hi all! We have been so busy here. not alot of time to post things online! The big kids are in school and the little girls are causing trouble at their Auntie Lisa's while Dad and I work.

Arianna and Lilly are in dance. Anna is doing lyrical. It is really neat and I am sure the recital will be awesome! I think it is in June. Lilly is in tap/ballet. She is too darn cute! I will keep you all posted on the recital dates!!

No extra curricular activities for D yet. He is just hanging out drawing comics and reading. Gracie is busy learning how to talk and hopefully use the big potty!!!! We are soooo ready for no more diapers!

Winter is coming so we have been working a little harder to get everything sealed up. We are having the fuel oil filled today as well so we can turn on the heat. It is not so bad right now at $2.68 a gallon.

Zeke, my newest furrball was hit by a car the other day and had to have his leg amputated. That was a bit stressful, but he is doing awesome and does not seem to care that his leg is gone. The other two beasts are good too. Oh, yea, we have a cat named Moola too. she is cute.

So, in a nutshell that is it. I could prolly think of more if I had time to sit here, but there is laundry mountain in the basement and the dishes don't do themselves!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marching at the RNC

Here are a few of the images I captured while in St. paul September 1st, 2008

It was hot! The kids swam in the fountain after the March.

It was around a mile or so I think. The kids did a great job! There were alot of people!!!
We called them clone troopers or ninja turtles. the kids were frightene at first. They are pretty intimidating to a child! Arianna did not like the guns and clubs.

They have got the whole world in front of....I mean behind them??!!

Signing the constitution. thethree big kids put their signitures on it!

Can you find Papa in there??? I see him!

On september 1st me and the kids drove into the big city to join Na and Papa at the state capital to March at the RNC. It was a beautiful day, a little hot, but beautiful. Arianna, Lilly and Gracie wore matching peace shirts and DJ sported the Pirates for Peace shirt. They looked great and were totally ready to march thru the city and chant for peace in their world. I am not a politically minded person. To be honest with you a lot of it confuses me. I guess my brain wasn't made to think in such ways as to understand how people can even think that war is the answer to anything or that education and healthcare are not of the utmost importance for our families. I cannot wrap my head around things like why it costs so much to heat my home, feed my family or why it is acceptable that most of my paychecks go to gas in my car to get to work to..well, get the paycheck in the first place! I do not fully understand the "big oil" business, lobbyists, delagates, all the mumbo-jumbo that goes with politics. All I know is that it is out of control and it is NOT ok that a war is going on that my childrens children will be paying for. It is NOT ok that good people are losing their sons and daughters in a foriegn land, It is Not ok that people are starving and not getting care right here in my own country. It is not ok that families have to struggle so hard even to live simple. I know that we want peace, my family, my kids, we want peace in our world and so we marched. I marched for peace. My kids marched for peace. My Dad (Papa) marched with the Veterens for Peace. We were very proud of him, we always are. He is a strong person and I admire that about him. My Mom (Na) stuck by me and the kids. She always sticks with he kids. it is their world we march for. My Mom knows alot about the political side of things so I let her do all the talking. I just hold up my two fingers that symbolize peace and smile!! So, tho I do not have a lot to say about the RNC, the election, the war, I wanted to post some of the shots I got from our beautiful day in St. Paul marching for peace. Thanks for looking. PEACE